Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Asphalt Cowgirl

I have completely and totally underestimated how exhausting it is to do this whole "traveling" wife thing.  We thought how wonderful it is to be so close to home, we can just go to Tulsa when Nick's there and go home when he's not. And if he is on the road but still close to home, we will just travel there.  Excellent plan....and an emotional breakdown waiting to happen.

We furnished our own apartment this season.  Why not? We only live two hours away. Easy drive, easy to pack up my own belongings and take them along. But what I forgot to think about was that I'd have to take them BACK home every time I went home.  So as Nick left Thursday morning, I packed up the kids and the necessities (clothes, shoes, box fans, dog food, diapers, coffee pot, pillows, ect) and headed home. 

We met our St. Louis family (Schmidt side) in Springfield on Saturday to watch Nick pitch. He had a great game and 35 friends and family members on the list to be there. And my bubble is still somewhat in tact! That is a joke, please do not call or text me over that.  We headed home from Springfield late that night and the next morning we packed everything back up and headed back to Tulsa. 

I was tired. I was REALLY tired.  Just for the record though- I am not complaining. If you read my previous post you know that we do not take it lightly that we were given a second go round at this.  But, that does not change the fact that I do get tired.  That was my first "road trip" and I am now better prepared for the second....If I so choose to have a second. ha! Just kidding (but not really) 7 days and counting til we're at it again.

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