Monday, March 12, 2012

Retirement time!

I do realize that you may have only clicked on this link because I just entitled this blog post "Retirement Time" and thought that maybe that meant Nick was going to retire from baseball.  That is not the case, but hey, thanks for stopping by my blog!

We are off to a great start to the 2012 baseball season! Lots of new things going team (Colorado Rockies), new city, new people. It has been an adjustment, but a welcome one for sure.  Nick is really enjoying his new organization and from what we hear everyone else who has ever played here has enjoyed it as well.  Along with the trade came a move to a new city for Spring Training....Scottsdale!

After 5 years of moving we have learned that if someone else is available to find housing for you, you let them do it! We got connected with a lady here in Scottsdale who helped us find our housing here since we pretty much knew nothing about this area.  She told us we would be in a safe, quiet area where Nick would be close to the fields.  She followed through with that. Not sure it could get much safer or quieter than.....a retirement village! On the day we arrived we were moving our stuff in and after looking around realized that we were the youngest people we had seen by about 40 years.  We both quickly agreed this was awesome because we would not have to worry about neighbors keeping us up at night! (that sounds so old, i know)

Every year it seems like something happens with our living situation that makes that particular place and time memorable.  It might not be really fun to go through at the time, but we almost always end up laughing in the end! This year will be NO exception. 

I typically only post on my blog during the baseball season, so hopefully I will get back at it again after this. Games start Wednesday and then we will be in full swing- non stop baseball until September!

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