Monday, June 11, 2012

All We Know For Certain...

All throughout the week I will do something or hear something, or my kids will do something funny, and I think to myself "that will be my next blog."  Funny how when I sit down here to write, those things are never what come out.  My heart is so heavy this week.  Several years ago when we were first drafted into this baseball life an older and wiser baseball wife told me that if she had any advice for me at all it would be this, "The only thing you will ever know for certain is that you can never be certain of anything."

She was most definitely talking about the "baseball" side of life when she said this to me, but it is something that I have thought about in more aspects of my life than just baseball. If you are my facebook friend, you have seen this posted as my status more than once.  She probably does not remember meeting me, or remember my name, or my face.  At that time we were in Low A ball in Indiana and her husband had been in Triple A in Oregon.  (basically, she was a celebrity to me) Our husbands were rehabbing together in Phoenix, AZ.  She probably does not even remember sharing this bit of wisdom with me, but it is something I have passed on to other younger baseball wives any time I have had the chance because it is SO TRUE in this life.  Baseball does not always make sense.  The best man does not always get the promotion, your home, your team, your security, can all change in an instant!  And for the record, she shared much more with me than just this, but this is the one that I have come to live by.

As I was browsing my news feed in facebook a few days ago, I saw a picture of a familiar face, and read the post, and it broke my heart.  Lauren Startup's son's heart had suddenly stopped beating.  Copeland is almost 2 yrs old.  His mommy, Lauren, is the one who had graciously shared her wisdom with me almost 5 years ago now.  Copeland was with his grandma and she performed CPR on him until the ambulance arrived and took him to the hospital where he was airlifted to another hospital.  They were later told that Copeland had in fact died but had been miraculously resuscitated.  He is improving daily, although they are not sure yet if he will have any permanent brain damage.

Lauren's words to me all those years ago have just been blaring through my mind all week.  It has made every moment with my children sweeter.  "The only thing you will ever know for certain is that you can never be certain of anything." 

At the end of that heart wrenching facebook post was a comment made by the person writing it that stated that they wanted it to be mentioned that Will and Lauren were people of "rock solid and unwavering faith." In baseball and in general life, we may not ever be certain of anything, but I am so glad, and I know that Will and Lauren are too, that we do not have to be certain of anything but that GOD IS FAITHFUL.  Please pray for Copeland for a full and speedy recovery, for no brain damage, and for rest and strength for his Mom and Dad.  His sweet mama has encouraged me more times than she ever could have known.

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