Tuesday, September 13, 2011

been a while....

I have not been able to write lately because the keyboard on my laptop has been acting really funny. That’s why my last couple of posts have just been posts of articles I’ve read. So much has happened since I updated on our family last.

We’ll start with Nick.  Nick finished his season in Lake Elsinore, CA over Labor Day weekend. They made it to the play offs so he is busy finishing up with post season play. He has had such an amazing year.  We prayed for opportunities to share our story of healing and answered prayers and God has opened so many doors for us.  We continue to be amazed every day at what God is doing in our lives.  Nick got asked to play in the Arizona Fall League. This is a huge deal for us.  Going from thinking his baseball career was over 5 months ago to this is just incredible.  I am so proud of him.  Im just not real sure that anyone else would have stuck it out this long and especially not with the positive attitude that he has done it with. 

Mason just started his second year of preschool at University Baptist Church’s Wee Care.  He loves it. He was a little unsure when I told him he would have a different teacher this year but the first day he came home and said he loves Mrs. Burris.  He is also playing soccer.  He was so timid last year and really did not care about playing soccer, he just wanted to play chase and make people fall down.  This year he is a totally different kid. He is aggressive and blocks and has scored lots of goals! He is so proud when he scores a goal. 

I cannot believe Drake will be turning two in a few weeks. I seriously feel like he should still be a little baby.  He is talking so much and is such a ham! I always laugh about how when Mason was this age he was so shy that he would ride in the grocery cart with his head down so nobody would look at him or talk to him and Drake rides so happily saying “Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi Hi” to everyone we pass. Drake rarely says a sentence without it including “mine” or “no.”  I kept telling people that Mason never really did the whole “mine” thing and someone politely reminded me that he was an only child at the time and didn’t have to.  Haha, very good point. Drake is slowly growing out of all of his “baby” stuff.  He climbs out of his crib. He prefers a booster over a high chair and he would MUCH rather walk than ride in a stroller.  Such a big boy, where did my baby go??

I am busy unpacking and cleaning up from being away so much all summer and trying to make arrangements for fall ball.  Also trying to get some time in with friends and family before we have to leave again.  Or should I say GET to leave again, since it is such a blessing.  Looking forward to good quality time as a family and getting to watch my husband be awesome.

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