Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Hello friends and family! I am happy to report that Nick and I will be returning home in 10 days!!!! It came up kind of quick on us and we got really excited as we have all felt a little "blah" lately and decided it was because we were all just kind of ready for home.  We have accomplished so much while we have been here and still have a lot to do before we leave. 

I ran my first "official" 5k this weekend.  I have signed up for them before but for some reason or another haven't been able to run.  I had set a goal for myself to run a 10k by August, which I completed, but ran on a treadmill at Nick's team gym so that he could be there to watch when I did it. It's amazing how much different it is when you are actually running in a "real" race! Of course, it was on the coldest, rainiest morning we have had in Arizona since we have been here. There were only about 30 people who ran in it (half of which was a running club).  None the less-goal accomplished! Excited to run one in Arkansas.

Mason is coming up on his last week in teeball. They get to play their last game of the season on the Padres Spring Training field! This in itself is not overly exciting for him since he gets to spend countless hours there every week, BUT- they are going to give him a trophy and THAT is super exciting for him. He saw a picture of Nick standing next to the Cal League championship trophy and now everytime we drop Nick off at the field he yells "Strike em out and get a trophy!" If I know Mason, that trophy will be his prized possession and his little brother will be allowed nowhere near it!

Nick has been doing so well.  We continue to be nothing but grateful for the opportunity that we were given to be here. I think there is a great deal to be learned about yourself when you are placed on a team with guys you have never played with before and coaches you are not used to.  I have been so proud of Nick during this whole experience.  His team is made up of players from the Padres, Mariners, Brewers, Mets, and Cardinals organizations.  He is older than most of the guys on the team but knows that that gives him an opportunity to share his experiences with the younger guys and offer a little bit of wisdom and encouragement.  He knows that God puts him in every single situation for a reason and he is eager to see what he can learn from each different experience.  He will pitch again this Friday and then probably one more time before we leave.

Drake is just busy doing Drake things, as usual.  We made up this little song when we were potty training Mason.  I sing it to Drake every now and then when he has a dirty diaper and he has really picked up on it.  It is to the tune of the peanut, peanut butter, and jelly song.  But says "poo poo, in the potty, and pee pee." Not a good idea to teach your two year old a song unless you are cool with him screaming it at the top of his lungs in wal mart. Of course, we never had to worry about Mason doing that because he would have been too afraid someone would look at him. Drake, just LOVES for people to look at him! It is so funny how different they are.

Mason is getting to go on a fun trip with Daddy this weekend. For his 5th birthday, Nick is taking him to a NASCAR race. (If you dont know Mason well, he LOVES nascar, especially Jeff Gordon) I am sad I wont get to be there to see his face when he sees Jeff Gordon in person but am excited that they get this special time together.  Will post pictures soon!!! Can he seriously be 5 already???

Here's a pic of my handsome boys at the game yesterday. Had to run out and get them some cold weather clothes- didn't expect it to be this chilly in the desert!

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